How to Protect Your New Restaurant Venture

16 November 2021
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If you love food, have a flair in the kitchen and want to introduce people to your skills, you may be about to open a new restaurant. Yet before you can prove that you are a culinary aficionado, you need to get your business hat on and make sure that you do not expose yourself to too many risks along the way. What do you need to know about restaurant insurance, specifically? Read More 

Public Liability Insurance: 4 Things to Consider

17 June 2021
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Public liability insurance is important if you are planning on doing something that could affect others. For example, a public liability insurance policy can help protect people who might be harmed during a public event such as a race, performance or another event. Read on to find out about some of the things you should consider when looking for a public liability insurance policy. The extent of the coverage A public liability insurance policy covers the expenses for any claims or judgments that are made against you, but it is important to check exactly what is covered. Read More 

4 Things You Should Know About Business Insurance

26 April 2021
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Insurance is a vital aspect of your business operations. It is especially so since it can protect your public image and prevent bankruptcy caused by compensation suits. Below are some things that you should know about business insurance. Hopefully, this article will help you when taking and managing business insurance covers.  1. Know the Compulsory Covers In Australia, workers compensation insurance is mandatory if your business employs permanent or casual employees. Read More 

General Liability Insurance Policy: What Can It Cover for Your Business?

11 January 2021
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Risk is an inherent element in any business undertaking. There is always a chance that something will not go according to your expectations, putting you in an awkward position. The sooner you recognise this aspect, the faster you can take measures to mitigate the effects of unprecedented events. Indeed, insurance policies are one of the safest ways of safeguarding your business against many liabilities, damage and loss. Modern insurance providers keep track of the evolving business risks and tailor-make their policies to suit your business needs. Read More 

Essential Facts About Workers’ Compensation Insurance

22 April 2020
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Almost every workplace faces some form of work-related injuries or illness, such as stress and depression, falls and equipment malfunction. Therefore, every business must prepare for such eventualities by taking insurance cover for its employees to cater for medical expenses and wage compensation. In Australia, each state or territory has laws and regulations that govern workers' compensation insurance. This article highlights some top facts about Australia's workers' compensation insurance. The information is useful for businesses to remain compliant with state or territory laws. Read More